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ABDM Property Management specializes in well coordinated and efficient property management solutions powered by informative but to the point communication with all stakeholders, irrespective of the kind of properties we support. Super fast acknowledgement and timely response is a must in today’s digital world. We uphold the values of a cohesive community by ensuring close interaction and proactive information sharing with and between the Owners (Board of directors, Estate Owners, Landlords, Trust, Committees), Tenants /Resident, Vendors, Partners.

We pride ourselves in timely responses to all service requests along with questions and concerns. We provide information through multiple communication channels including periodic newsletters and general management updates. Our ultimate goal is to create a culture that is informed and involved.

Serving Board Members, Landlords, Commercial Landlords, Condominium and Homeowner Associations, Estate Owners & Trusts in Central Jersey. ABDM, Trusted and reliable partner for managing your properties!!

Management Services

ABDM Property Management is specialized in effective communication with all of our residents. We uphold the values of a cohesive community by ensuring close connections between the owner (or board of directors) and the management company. Informing residents/tenants about future projects guarantees that our people are fully aware of events and stay connected with their community.

We pride ourselves on timely responses to all service requests along with questions and concerns. We provide information through multiple media including periodic newsletters and general management updates. Our ultimate goal is to create a culture that is informed and involved.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

  • Management of the asset, including but not limited to basic and restricted common areas
  • Managing resident requests and work orders
  • Conducting property inspections
  • Maintaining a record system for all management activities of the property
  • Bid packages and prepared specifications for all non-routine site services
  • Preparation of monthly management meeting packages
  • Continual cost savings and income enhancement recommendations 24-hour on call emergency service
  • Welcome package to new residents
  • Preparation of quarterly newsletter
  • Financial planning for reserve funds
  • Assistance for replacement study and capital improvement projects
  • General contracting of capital additions and improvements
  • Vendor selection management and screening process
  • Project management and supervision of all vendor projects
  • Monthly owners meeting organization
  • Management of rules, regulations, and restrictive covenants
  • Consulting on all state and federal compliance requirements for properties managed
  • Preparation and distribution of resident communication (i.e. newsletters, notices)
  • Enforcement of property violations
  • Preventative maintenance project recommendation
  • Move in/move out inspections
  • Resident surveys
  • Property website

ABDM works with the Associations, Trustees and Owners to devise a sustainable plan and associated strategies for risk mitigations, quality upkeep of properties along with optimized financial planning. This is important to us so that we guide our customers with appropriate planning for both their short and long-term goals. Some of the aspects of such planning are below:

Onsite Property Management

ABDM Property Management provides the following On-Site Services for all of our clients:

  • On–site real time software system
  • Site phone system forwarding to main office
  • Full time backup management and administrative main office support
  • 24-hour emergency cell phone network support
  • Full or part-time managers and administrators tailored to property needs

Financials & Accounting

ABDM Property Management provides the following Financial & Accounting Services to all clients:

  • Financial package delivered to the Board of Directors on the 20th of each month
  • Preparation of budget with the board Treasurer or board representative
  • Weekly accounts payables check runs
  • State of the art accounting system through Caliber Software- Cloud based
  • Preparation and assistance of the annual audit
  • Billing of monthly association dues
  • Collection of all monthly dues on monthly basis
  • Working with the association counsel on all collection legal matters
  • Assist the board in maintaining and updating the reserve study
  • Provide multiple ways of payments via online, credit card, ACH, or lockbox services
  • Utilize lockbox services with some of the largest banks nationwide that are specialized in community associations

Transition to Association/Owner/Estate

The transition from developer to owner/association is a concern for every board (or owner). Our company reviews all documentation and works closely with the owner (or association) engineer as well as the attorney. The client also stays connected during this process. We provide detailed reports and analysis of deficiencies specified in the transition report, while educating and guiding board members and residents along the way. Our management team has over 20 years of combined experience in successfully working with real estate and property management matters. We have developed a unique ability in guiding clients through the myriad of administrative, physical, and financial requirements during the transition from developer and beyond. We work diligently and build a partnership with the client until an agreement is met.

Emergency and Multi-Channel Communication Services

ABDM Property Management has emergency services in place for all of our clients.

Our alert services give you the ability to communicate with everyone in your address book via text message, voice call, and email! The two facets of this helpful service are AlertCast and BulletinBlast:

MultiConnect AlertCast

MultiConnect AlertCast was created for community emergencies, however is also helpful for reaching all residents wherever they may be. AlertCast allows users to send messages from the community website via text message, voice call, and email to everyone in their address book.

MultiConnect BulletinBlast

MultiConnect BulletinBlast gives users the opportunity to send text messages and voice calls along with emails to select groups in their address book. Bulletin Blast is helpful for meetings, reminders, and more.

Improvement & Transformation Projects

  • Assistance and preparation of project specifications for non capital improvement projects
  • Recommendations of engineering firms to develop scope of work for capital improvement projects
  • Solicitation of Contractor Bids
  • Develop comparative Cost Analysis once all bids are obtained from contractors
  • Supervision of Contractors and projects
  • Preparation of Annual Plan Calendar
  • Development of annual project list and maintenance plans schedule

Insurance Administration

  • Assisting the board with the insurance renewals
  • Keeping track of all vendor insurance coverage in place
  • Working with the insurance broker on obtaining multiple insurance bids, and cost analysis
  • Working with the insurance adjusters on property inspections upon renewal
  • Assisting insurance adjusters with claim issues

Website Setup and Management

As part of our commitment to excellent service, we offer our clients the option of implementing user friendly and professionally designed community websites. Our websites are exceptionally dynamic, offering both public and password protected resident-specific access links. We offer several features to enhance each user’s online presence and increase communication throughout the community!

The Public Area of the website is accessible to the general public, offering each user the ability to showcase their association online. Some of the most popular features available on the public side of the website include:

  • Classifieds
  • For Sale or Lease Section
  • What’s Nearby Mapping
  • Amenities
  • Contact Us Form

The Private Area of the website is accessible only with a login and password. Some of the most popular features available on the private side of the website include:

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