Management Services

ABDM Property Management is specialized in effective communications with all residents providing a cohesive community by uniting the owner/Board of Directors, and the management company. Informing the residents/tenants as to future projects and maintenance scheduling goes a long way in relieving any anxiety prior to performance.

We pride ourselves on our timely response to all service requests along with questions and concerns. We provide information through numerous formats including periodic newsletters and general management updates. Our overriding desire is to create a culture that is informed and involved.

  • Management of the asset, including but not limited to common and restricted common areas
  • Managing resident requests and work orders
  • Conducting property inspections
  • Maintain a record system for all management activities of the property
  • Bid package, and prepare specifications for all non-routine site services
  • Preparation of Monthly management meeting packages
  • Continual cost savings and income enhancement recommendations
  • 24 hour on call emergency service
  • Welcome package to new residents
  • Preparation of quarterly newsletter
  • Financial planning for reserve funds
  • Assistance for reserve for replacement study and capital improvement projects
  • General contracting of capital additions and improvements
  • Vendor selection management, and screening process
  • Project management and supervision of all vendors projects
  • Monthly owners meeting organization
  • Management of rules, regulations, and restrictive covenants
  • Consulting on all state and federal compliance requirements for properties managed
  • Preparation and distribution of resident communication (i.e. newsletters, notices)
  • Enforcement of property violations
  • Preventative maintenance project recommendation
  • Move in/move out inspections
  • Resident surveys
  • Property website


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