Accounting Management

ABDM Property Management provides the following Accounting & Auditing Services to all clients:

We provide a monthly financial package customized to meet the Owner/Board of Directors unique requirements. The financial package is generated through our fully integrated property management system and allows us to include a full financial package along with an updated status of all repairs and maintenance requests through completion status.

Our financial system is able to provide the Owner/Board of Directors with all of the monthly reports required to highlight the present financial status of the property to allow for short and long range planning.

  • Preparation of monthly Financial reports (Income statement, Balance sheet, General Ledger, Bank Statements, and Check distribution report)
  • Preparation and assistance for annual audit of financial statement
  • Preparation of Annual Property Budget
  • Management of employee payroll design and administer all accounting requirements as per client’s needs
  • Billing and collection of monthly maintenance dues
  • Delinquent account management
  • Accounts payable management
  • Variance explanations of monthly financial reports

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